Get ahead of Zero-day 

attacks with AI-powered

application security

Fortifai is the world's first cybersecurity tool to build defences directly into your application code, radically reducing the time taken to find and contain security breaches



are made everyday by hackers.

On average, an attack is attempted every 39 seconds.

University of Maryland



was the average cost of a data breach worldwide in 2019, rising to

$8.2 million in the United States.




is the average amount of time it takes to detect a cybersecurity breach, plus an additional 73 days to contain it.


Every year, cyberattacks increase in frequency, severity and complexity, posing a serious threat to organisations of all sizes.

Traditional security tools that rely on signature detection, or that operate on a network level, can often let sophisticated attacks slip through the cracks.

Fortifai is different. It uses cutting edge artificial intelligence to detect abnormalities in your application’s behaviour, alerting you to novel attacks the moment they occur. 

A new approach to cybersecurity 


How it works

Fortifai adds an extra layer of security to your digital infrastructure, 

fortifying your applications from within.

Currently supporting applications written in:

Fortifai is platform-agnostic - wherever your code runs, Fortifai can run. 

Download & install

Simply download the Fortifai client and install it onto your computer. Using a local client means your source code never leaves your network, allowing you total control.

Fortifai your code

Run your chosen application through the Fortifai client. This produces a practically identical version, minimally modified to interface with Fortifai. 

Create a benchmark

Run your application through your standard testing protocols. Fortifai will use machine learning to create a model of your application under 'normal' operating conditions (which it will continue to update over time). 

Sit back & relax

Fortifai employs behavioural analysis to monitor your applications for any significant deviations, detecting potential breaches in real time, at the earliest stage.

If abnormal activity is detected, you will be immediately alerted via email and customisable push notifications. 

Know your codebase

Live monitor your application via the Fortifai portal, and observe the running characteristics of your code. You can access additional insight into a number of key metrics, including performance and coverage.

Are you prepared?

Globally, just under 30% of organisations are likely to suffer at least one security breach over the next 2 years.

IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2019


How is Fortifai different?

Zero-day defence

Most traditional security tools work by defending your digital infrastructure from attack pathways that target known vulnerabilities - but what about the unknown? 

Zero-day attacks exploit formerly unknown weaknesses in systems, leaving owners vulnerable until they can find and fix that weakness. These attacks strike without warning, and can cause considerable damage until the attack is detected and contained.


Fortifai is different, protecting against both known and unknown attacks vectors. 

It leverages AI-powered behavioural analytics to identify deviations from your application’s normal behaviour, where more insidious attacks may originate.


Fortifai provides immediate alerts for detected abnormalities, and details exactly what areas of your code are showing atypical use. This is a significant head start to containing a security breach, and mitigating damage to your organisation. 

Detect data breaches

Secure IoT devices

Prevent cheating

Strengthen legacy applications



Is Fortifai a WAF (Web Application Firewall)?

No. WAFs work by analysing the traffic that flows to and from a 'Web App’, allowing them to block known malicious IPs and attacks that are visible at a network level. The more sophisticated WAFs are also able to look into data as it is moves through your application to see if it could contain known exploits, or cause your application to behave abnormally. Fortifai is similar to these more advanced WAFs, but due to our unique, unparalleled approach we are able to look past simple network based attacks or known vulnerabilities and react to new exploits as they are happening in real time.

Does Fortifai work with legacy applications?

Yes. Fortifai is able to work with any application written in our supported languages, or in a combination these languages. Fortifai currently supports 14 of the most widely used programming languages (C, C#, C++, ColdFusion, Go, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scala Swift, TypeScript) -- and that list is growing.

Does Fortifai require me to change the way I develop my applications?

No, not at all. Fortifai is just another step you go through when deploying your applications — a last click before things go live. Simply develop the way you want, and let us worry about securing your code. No additional hardware or severs required; your solutions architecture is completely up to you.

What sorts of attacks does Fortifai detect?

Fortifai is able to detect any attack that causes abnormal behaviour in your code. This may be a change in the flow of the execution of the application, causing it to consume more resources than expected; or a wide range of complex attacks at a code level, which could be used to expose information or gain access.

What platforms does Fortifai support?

Any! Because Fortifai doesn't require any third party libraries or middleware, we are able to run wherever your code runs, meaning no vendor lock-ins.

Does Fortifai cause a performance hit on my applications?

Any additions that are made to a codebase can cause a performance hit, but we seek to minimise this as much as possible. Typically we see a <4% performance hit, with the majority of the heavy lifting and computation being performed by us behind the scenes.

Does Fortifai have a RESTful API?

Yes. This is not currently publicly available, but Fortifai has been developed with developers in mind. Every action will be available via our RESTful API, so you can integrate Fortifai with your CICD or deployment processes however you wish.

Why should I use Fortifai?

Novel, unprecedented threats are a gap in our digital armour, leaving us exposed to constantly evolving cyberattacks. Fortfai plugs this gap directly, offering cutting edge, easy-to-use Zero-day threat detection at a low cost, and without disrupting existing development processes or security architecture. Cybercriminals are creative, and so are we.

Why is application security so important?

Application security is a new Frontier in cybersecurity. With the move towards SaaS/PaaS and APIs, more companies have an ever-growing amount of resources and applications directly available to the public. Sophisticated attackers no longer need to navigate and defeat the many layers of security that have traditionally been the barrier to application exploitation; now attackers can go direct to the application, exploiting the logic and uncovering the nascent vulnerabilities in your code. Application security is to your applications what firewalls have been to your most valuable data for the last 20 years.


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